Thursday, 13 November 2008

Seamed Tights: retro or still just eighties trash?

I have noticed as of late that a new trend for forties style seamed tights has appeared in many a high street store. Namely Accessorize and River Island, with Accessorize keeping things subtle and sweet with sheer black tights, a not particularly obvious seam and bow imprinted into the ankle of the tights. Trust River Island to vamp things up, (my sister calls me a slut because I love to shop there.) red and black fishnets sport a seam and cute bow at the ankle, flesh tights make the black seam stick out like breasts from a Wonderbra.
What is it about a black line down the back of the leg? It makes even the dumpiest of legs long, sensuous and a little bit naughty.
And they fit pretty much all of autumn's trends. Accessorizes contribution turns gothy, dark and punky clothes into something kitsh and fun rather than scary and serious.
Admittedly, there is something, dare I say it, a bit seamy about seamed tights, something a bit bad eighties pop video, you know, a woman with a white background, wide rimmed black hat, black pencil skirt and high necked tank top, red lipstick, slicked back hair... gulp, what a fashion travesty. No one, not even Cindy Crawford, really pulled this off.
However, if worn with a bit of irony, seamed tights can be playful, cheeky and even mysterious (think of a femme fatale strutting off into the depths of night, her curls loose, her heels clicking the darkened pavement, her perfect figure making the perfect shadow - swoonsome).
Wear with a skirt above the knee, a cute and flaring mini in a block colour works well. And don't just stick to black courts, play with colour and shape, this seasons shoe boots and open toed T-bar's can really work this look. However too high on the ankle, and you risk covering up that oh-so-cute bow.
The only real rule - make sure those heels are skyscraper high. The seamed tight is after all, a little nod to the days when women actually wore stockings on a daily basis. A time when women wore more structured, hourglass figure-defining clothes. When leaving the house without a hat was really quite shocking.
I'm not saying people should start wearing hats (although if fishnet veils trailing from a pillbox hat suddenly became trendy again, my lord I would be so excited), merely that the seamed tight simply doesn't work for the sloppy or casual dresser. To wear the seamed tight you have to make a little effort with your whole being, paint your nails a daring red, get a blow dry at the hairdressers, wear a slightly lower cut top, cinch in that waist and be proud of what you've got.
Pencil skirts can work, and are an effective way to wear your seamed fishnets round the office without appearing too risque. Worn with a crisp v-neck white shirt and your work wear has been given a real lift.
The best thing about seamed tights though - they are sexier than bare legs - they remind men of lingerie, this reminds men of sex (as if they need any reminding), so despite having those pins covered up, have them in tip top hair free shape, as wearing these out on the town you will be very likely getting some.